Artist Teresa Marie Yawn

Teresa Marie Yawn creates art that is fantastical, mysterious, and surreal; as well, it can be precise, scientific, and logical. She covers a wide range of topics and captures events from the everyday to the Earth-shattering, and views them from micro- to macroscopic vantage points. As well as paintings and drawings, she creates hamonograph art using a harmonograph--a 19th century instrument that creates geometric designs using the power and periodicity of pendulums. With her art, she seeks to understand life, and to tell the story of our Universe and our Earth. She has no formal training in art, but has been painting and drawing since her earlies memories. She was born an artist. She trained long and hard to become a scientist and works as an entomologist at the University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida). Her artwork had always been a personal part of her life but, in 2017, she decided it was time to bring her art to the world. She opened her business, teresamariedreams LLC and began presenting and selling her artwork.