Dragon's Heart

  Dragon's Heart digital art by teresamarie A dragon’s heart sits centrally, behind its breastbone. It is a large heart that contains love, wisdom, courage, and faith. If a dragon comes to you and if you are strong and true and brave, you may approach and lay your ear upon the dragon’s breast. You will hear the percussion of the dragon’s heart, beating steadily and forcefully, like the center of the sun, exploding with light that shines upon the Earth, creating life. The network of arteries and veins through which the heart pumps the dragon’s blood is like the Earth’s system of rivers that flows into the oceans. The breath that feeds the dragon’s blood is like the air that surrounds the Earth, sustaining life. The body of the dragon is as the Earth Herself, and as you stand there, leaning against such a formidable presence, feeling the rhythm of the dragon’s powerful heart, you will feel grounded to the Universe; you will feel protected; you will feel loved. You can purchase a prin


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Artist Teresa Marie Yawn